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Marili Cancio

for State Senate, District 40

Welcome and thank you for visiting my official campaign website for State Senate District 40. I am running for the Senate because I strongly feel it’s time for a new perspective and a solutions-driven approach to public service. By strengthening our economy, creating new quality jobs, and resolving our ever-present traffic problems. Additionally, I’ll strive toward catering to the needs of all Florida families by facilitating access to affordable quality healthcare and ensuring that our children receive nothing less than a world-class public education in a safe secure environment.

Marili Cancio
Gun Reform/Safer Communities

Gun Reform/Safer Communities

The recent scourge of senseless and violent shootings in our children’s schools and communities, not only in Florida b...

Jobs/Economic Development

Jobs/Economic Development

Our local and national economies are beginning to bounce back from years of stagnation and needless bureaucratic obstacl...



It is simply unacceptable that we, South Floridians, must spend more time in our cars than with our families and friends...

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